Bikes can be rented with a cell phone on an hourly basis and unlocked from the station for a ride along the many trails in the Heritage Area. Stations are located in LaSalle, Utica, Morris, Channahon, Lockport, Lemont, and Midewin. 
Download the Movatic app and find your nearest station below!
Download the Movatic app and locate the nearest I&M Canal bike share station. 
Select a bike, pay, and unlock using your phone. 
Enjoy your ride! Make quick stops along the way by locking your bike to any public bike rack.
When you’re done riding, lock your bike to an I&M Canal bike share station and end your ride in the app.



25334 West Eames (IL-6), along trail in front of Skateland, Channahon, IL. Learn more about the trail from Channahon to Morris: I&M Canal State Trail

Sponsored by:
Village of Channahon
Canal Corridor Association



754 First Street (corner of IL-351), LaSalle, IL. Learn more about the trail from LaSalle to Ottawa: I&M Canal State Trail

Sponsored by:
St. Margaret’s Hospital

Canal Corridor Association
National Park Service



Behind 55 Stephen Street (Safety Village), along trail, Lemont, IL. Learn about the trail from Lemont to Alsip: Cal-Sag Trail.

Sponsored by:
Village of Lemont
Canal Corridor Association



8th Street & I&M Canal, Lockport, IL. Learn more about the trail from Lockport to Joliet: Gaylord-Donnelley Trail.

Sponsored by:
Lockport Woman’s Club
Canal Corridor Association


Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie

Iron Bridge Trailhead, US Forest Service – Midewin Tallgrass Prairie IL-53, Wilmington, IL

Midewin Visitor Center, US Forest Service – Midewin Tallgrass Prairie IL-53, Wilmington, IL

Sponsored by:
Canal Corridor Association



Canal Port Park, Illinois Avenue & Wauponsee Street, in parking lot next to canal, Morris, IL. Learn more about the trail from Morris to Channahon: I&M Canal State Trail

Sponsored by:
Morris Hospital
City of Morris
Canal Corridor Association



Southwest Corner of Canal Street and Clark Street (IL-178) in downtown Utica, IL. Learn more about the trails from Utica to LaSalle and Ottawa: I&M Canal State Trail

Sponsored by:
Village of North Utica
Grand Bear Resort at Starved Rock

Movatic App FAQ

New to Movatic?
Download the app before you arrive here. Enter your phone and email to register.You may also go to the menu/payments and add your credit card for future convenience. 
Rental Rate?
The bikes rent for $5/hour, charged at the beginning of the hour. Allow at least 5 minutes to lock the bike back to the rack. 
Selecting a Bike?
Once at a station (see locations below), hit “Nearby,” then “Select a Bike.” Enter the 5-digit bike number on the frame beneath the handles. Hold your phone near the lock beneath the seat to unlock. After the cable is released, manually remove it from the lock. 
Having issues?
Check that your bluetooth has permission to use the app. If issues persist, then lock bike at the station, go back to the main menu, “Report Problem”, and leave us a detailed description. Expect resolution within a few business days.
Lock Your Bike?
The lock is the device beneath the seat. When the app allows you to lock, insert the cable and gently move the orange tab down to place the lock between the spokes. Rotate the wheel if the spokes block it from locking. 
Evening Ride?
Bikes are available to start renting from within a half hour of dawn to about an hour before dusk. You can still end rentals after that time.
Change your Mind?
There is a five minute grace period after the bike is unlocked where you can decide to end ride without charges. If this is due to mechanical issues, please “Report Problem” to let us know.