Bicentennial Passport Program

(Self-guided Trips between July-November 2018) – A promotion for established (open to the public) sites and events throughout the IMCNHA. Participants pick up a passport book at any participating site or at area visitor centers, visit sites & events throughout  the summer and fall, collect stamps at each venue in their guide.  Participants return the guide with the stamps and are entered to receive prizes that will be announced on the Bicentennial (December 3, 2018).

To add your site or event to the passport program, sign up here.

Cost to each site: $250

Deadline: CLOSED!

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200 Illinois Stories

The Canal Corridor Association will email a story to everyone who signs up for the 200 days leading up to the Bicentennial (starting June 20, 2018). The short stories will be in the form of 250 words with a one or two images or 90 second video.  The program will be promoted through social media.  All partners will be eligible to submit stories with a rolling deadline.   The story need to be interesting, accurate, and compelling and will all end with an invitation to visit.


To add your story(ies) to our list, sign up here.

Deadlines: May 30, June 30, July 30, Aug 30, Sept 30, 2018

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Bicentennial Groups Tours
Mule Pulled Boat Rides

Currently guided tours designed for groups of 15 or more are available throughout the Illinois & Michigan Canal National Heritage Area (IMCNHA).  The Canal Corridor Association is seeking to expand the current roster of sites and events which are suited for groups with an emphasis on Bicentennial themes.


To add your site or event to our list, please sign up.

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Bicentennial Canal Open House

The Canal Corridor Association is exploring coordinating an annual open house to include both established sites and places not regularly open to the public throughout the Illinois & Michigan Canal National Heritage Area (IMCNHA).  This program would be several days long and modeled after the CAF’s Open House Chicago.

To tell us which sites you would like to see included, please click here

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